Derma LTD is one of the most biggest Croatian and regional producers of natural and artificial sausage casings. The efficient economic policy of the company, the careful manufacture, commerce, import and export as well as the quality of the products ensure a respectable and recognized place the world market of casings.
The activities of the company include the sorting and business of natural and artificial sausage casings, spices and food additives for the meat industry and the household.

With an over 60 year old tradition, a large number of workers and a high quality guarantee Derma LTD counts to the world market leaders in the manufacture of natural casings. Raw materials from the best European slaughterhouses, strict regulatory controls of the production process and the final product testing assure exemplary meat products.
The technological production process is always under supervision where regular quality checks are carried out in order to avoid health risks.
High quality products and a profitable management enable Derma LTD to continue with the expansion into new markets.

Our product groups:

Natural casings

  • Sheep casing
  • Pig casing
  • Beef casing

Artificial casings

  • Printed casing
  • Ring forms
  • Prefabricated


  • Raw spices
  • Spice mixes
  • Food additives
  • Salts



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