Derma Sliv Graficke forme
In collaboration with laser system producers, designer studios and raw material manufacturers, we are developing printing matrixes for flexographic press by using direct laser engraving.

Direct laser engraving is a system where there's no need for compromise and which provides superb quality of form and print, offering new possibilities for cost-efficient manufacturing of top-of-the-line products. PremiumFlexo shapes the print-out of the elements and produces a particularly precise 3D relief, making fine text, details and graphics, all of which are important staples of quality printing, a reality. This results in exceptional contrast and glow properties and therefore top quality printing. It should be underlined that the finished printing matrixes are particularly resistant to wear and suitable for printing with all types of coats and colours. The whole engraving process can be quickly repeated in each of its stages. There are no chemicals and ozone involved and the process meets the growing demand for eco-friendly products.

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